Inspiring through action

Positive Action Kenya

Who are we

We are a youth-led and youth-focused Non-profit organization that champions youth development in Kenya through supporting equal access to quality education, holistic skills training, and innovative capacity building initiatives for youth.

Why we exist

We envision a Kenya that is fostered by equal access to holistic and quality education for all youth.We seek to play an integral role in building a sustainable Kenya by educating and training the future workforce and leaders and provide youth-centered solutions to bridge socio-economic inequalities that youth face today.

  • 63% of children living in slums attend private schools, which are often unregulated and provide substandard education and deepen inequalities.


  • By 2025, expected that the working-age population in Kenya will increase by nearly 9 million people. A third of this population, 3 million people, will be made up of youth between the ages 15yrs-25yrs that need to be out to productive use. this population is likely to be susceptible to the challenges associated with unemployment, and uncertainty in employment.


Our Impact so far

Academic support

We provide academic support to youth by providing access to learning opportunities

Youth skills  development

We promote youth resilience through providing practical skills training and development

Mentorship and coaching

We provide youth with cutting edge mentorship and coaching programs to support transition into adulthood

Leadership development

We develop the next generation of positive and civic minded leaders through our membership program