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Positive Action Kenya

We envision a Kenya that is fostered by equal access to holistic and quality education for all youth.​
We seek to play an integral role in building a sustainable Kenya by educating and training the future workforce and leaders and provide youth-centered solutions to bridge socio-economic inequalities that youth face today.

Uncovering the Reality:

The Impact of Neglect on Education in Urban Slums

  • 63% of children living in slums attend private schools, which are often unregulated and provide substandard education and deepen inequalities.
  • By 2025, expected that the working-age population in Kenya will increase by nearly 9 million people. A third of this population, 3 million people, will be made up of youth between the ages 15yrs-25yrs that need to be out to productive use. this population is likely to be susceptible to the challenges associated with unemployment, and uncertainty in employment.

Our Causes/ Interventions

Creating Lasting Impact: Our Commitment to Driving Positive Change through Strategic Interventions

Welfare Program

Empowering Communities Through
Sustainable Support

We focus on advancing sustainable development through our program activities. We are determined to play a part in development by fostering strategic collaborations that can help us ensure all children and youth can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment.

Academic Support

Fostering Success Through Education

This approach aims to support the young participants in developing personal and professional skills and knowledge to successfully manage their independent life beyond the social care institution. The program combines extra-curricular clubs conducted by our volunteers with educational support for the students through providing tools for success.

Partners in the Dream

Our Proud Alliance: Working Together with Like Minded Groups for a Better World


As a parent or guardian, you are the first teacher, decision-maker, and bare the most important influence on your child's growth and attitude towards learning. We understand that our mission to grow youth’s potential greatly depends on the parent-coach connection that will inculcate a value system in your child. As the first and sometimes sole decision-maker for your child, we emphasize and hope that you choose to play a direct and active role in their child's growth by letting us catalyze, build their capacity and pace, and teach them important life-skills from an early age.


Learning is not just about what happens inside the school or home. Youth also learn a lot from the society where they live-in along their friends. Understanding this, we provide them with a platform for positive exposure to their community, by including thought patterns of these communities in our sessions-undertaking social initiatives, sharing current affairs and most importantly arranging the interaction of youth with experts and/or institutions to enrich their learning experience and keep them wanting more.


We as educators, in whose care you place youth’s early learning, take things forward; wearing several hats on the way; that of a guide, friend, & sometimes even of a parent and remain with them at every step of the way, facilitating new experiences and opening windows to a new world for them. We promise integrity, excellence, professionalism, empathy and teamwork, values that will be seen in all our engagements.

Completed Missions

Covid-19 Relief Drive

Supporting Orphaned and At-Risk Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic


PAK seeks to provide a platform to enable the youth and organizations to give back and engage in community service and other projects aimed at improving their society. We see ourselves as the voice of the youth; to inspire and uplift them to tackle the most pressing issues and challenges affecting them and their communities.


Build A Kenya with equal access to quality and holistic education for all youth.


To inform, train, empower and youth and institutions by promoting, advocating and implementing formal and informal education and training for sustainable development

03Our Team

Our team is composed of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a positive impact on our youth. With diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we work collaboratively to achieve our mission and support those in need.


Stories of Hope and Change: Discover the Impact of Our Work Through the Eyes of Those We Serve

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