Santa Gathering


Christmas with a cause

Donations Drive

2020 for 2020 Christmas Drive

Positive Action Kenya plans to spread some cheer during the festive season by leveraging on the spirit of Ubuntu which loosely translates to “humanity towards others” (I am, because we are).

To close the year, Positive Action Kenya is fundraising with the aim of raising awareness on our current programs and increasing the impact of our programs on youth in Kenya. During this Christmas period, PAK aims to bring hope and spread joy among the youth in remote and underserved areas who have been significantly affected by this pandemic.


Reusable Pads

65% of women and girls in Kenya are unable to afford sanitary pads.

Help PAK provide reusable sanitary kits to 200 girls this festive season that will last them 3-4 years.


The Bridge Workbook 

The bridge is a supplementary workbook designed for primary school and secondary school national exam candidates.


Help PAK provide 50 Bridge Workbooks to candidates in Class 8 and Form 4 with a necessary tool to succeed


A Month of Meals

We cannot ignore the economic effects the pandemic has had on parents, guardians, and caregivers.

For this Christmas Drive, our aim is to provide food stuffs to children’s homes across Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos and Nakuru counties.

PAK also plans to raise awareness on these homes with the aim of linking them to partners who can provide long term solutions for food security during the Covid-19 period such as sustainable kitchen gardens.



Fundraising Partner

Wezesha Binti Foundation

Wezesha Binti Foundation

Binti Box Sanitary Towel Kit