Going beyond the classroom

Kesho Yangu 
Career preparation program 


Strategic partnership with Bora International and Positive Action Kenya 

An online and on-ground coaching program for students

The Kesho Yangu career program enables them to begin to harness the potential for their future, today. It provides direction through practical
information about self and the importance of identifying
education and career goals based on a student’s skills,
interests, and values.

Advancing growth

Through every day choices 

Students explore their skills, personal qualities, interests, values, and the world of work to make and learn how these can help them make informed education, career, and life decisions for their future.

They Learn, enhance, and adapt soft life skills to will help them effectively transition into adulthood. 

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Program outcomes


Explore their skills, personal qualities, interests, values, and
the world of work to make and learn how these can help
them make informed education, career, and life decisions
for their future.

Find direction and start on an affirmed course towards their future career.
Evaluate and plan to enhance, soft life skills which will help
them effectively transition into adulthood.
Plan to contribute and give back to their communities as
they journey towards career goals.


Coached by a certified BORA facilitator

Kesho Yangu Career Preparation program consists of 6 online sessions led by a certified Bora facilitator. The maximum duration for each online session is  2hours.

The  program is suitable for teen and young adults  in the age group 13 to 25years
All program learning materials will be provided.

Partners in the dream


As a parent or guardian, you are the first teacher, decision-maker, and bare the most important influence on

your child's growth and attitude towards learning. 
We understand that our mission to grow youth’s

potential greatly depends on the parent-coach connection that will inculcate a value system in your child. As the first and sometimes sole decision-maker for your
child, we emphasize and hope that you choose to play
a direct and active role in their child's growth by letting
us catalyze, build their capacity and pace, and teach
them important life-skills from an early age.

Happy Family Portrait


Learning is not just about what happens inside the

school or home. Youth also learn a lot from the socie-
ty where they live-in along their friends.
ing this,

we provide them with a platform for positive

exposure to their community,

by including thought

patterns of these communities in our sessions-under-
taking social initiatives, sharing current affairs and

most importantly arranging the interaction of youth
with experts and/or institutions to enrich their learning
experience and keep them wanting more.


We as educators, in whose care you place youth’s early learning, take things forward; wearing several hats on

the way; that of a guide, friend, & sometimes even of a
parent and remain with them at every step of the way,
facilitating new experiences and opening windows to 
a new world for them.

We promise integrity, excellence, professionalism, em-
pathy and teamwork, values that will be seen in all our



September Program


Kesho Yangu online coaching program begins on14th September to 23rd September 2020

Payment and sign up details

Session one: Nieleweshe 

14th September 2020 10.00am - 12:00pm 

Session two: The eye opener

16th Septemeber 2020 10.00am - 12.00pm

Session three: Career survey

18th September 2020 8.00am - 10.00am 

Session four: Career Mapping

21st September 2020 10.00am - 12.00pm

Session five: Anza Sasa

23rd September 2020 10.00am - 12.00pm



Join 110 participants from across 3 African Countries who have made the decision to advance their growth with Kesho Yangu program.