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Empowering school girls during Menstrual hygiene day with Wezesha Binti Foundation

Did you know that May 28th is the global menstrual hygiene day? MH Day is a global advocacy platform that brings together the voices and actions of non-profits to promote good menstrual hygiene management (HMM) for all women and girls. Mission- to break the silence, raise awareness, and change negative social norms surrounding MHM around the world. The UN believes that 1 in 10 girls in sub-Saharan Africa misses an average of 145 days of school during their period. Period poverty is defined as inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools and educations, including but not limited to sanitary products, washing facilities, and waste management. Access to menstrual supplies is crucial to ensure that women and girls can manage their periods safely, hygienically, and with dignity, but subsidized supply schemes have been disrupted by the pandemic. Each day, approximately 300 million women and girls menstruate. During the lockdown, many will find it harder than ever to escape period taboos and stigma. It is now critical to sustaining ongoing efforts to tackle period stigma and address the issue in #COVID19 emergency responses where possible. But menstruation-related challenges will persist after the COVID-19 crisis. To end the period stigma and to create a world in which no woman or girl is held back because of her period, we urgently need to step up action and investment.

Positive Action Kenya partnered with Wezesha Binti foundation to support the foundation's efforts to distribute reusable sanitary towel skits to 77 girls based in children's homes and rescue centers in Dagoretti South Constituency. Wezesha Binti seeks to empower young girls and women to take charge of their reproductive health issues, give them access to proper menstrual health management, and train them on sexual and reproductive health.

A Binti Box is our reusable sanitary towels kit designed for girls and women. It can last between 3-5 years when taken care of properly.

On Thursday, May 28th, 2020, in commemoration of the Global Menstrual Hygiene day, We embarked on the mission to distribute sanitary kits to the following homes

  • Riruta Shade Children's home

  • Mary Faith Rescue Center

  • Neemaland Queens and Kings home

  • St Dorcas Children's home

Pictured on the left is the Wezesha Binti team lead by Tabitha Nakholi on the right; Founder and CEO, in the middle Venessa Inziani Wezesha Binti's Partnerships officer and Njeri Mukira a Content creator who partnered up Wezesha Binti's online campaign The red army to raise awareness on menstrual health and management. From Positive Action Kenya, Lylle Asiligwa Founder and Diana Ngao Co-founder and executive director were present lead coordination of the distribution. Additionally, Diana Wangoko accompanied the team as a volunteer.

The mission begun ay 9:30 am when the teams met at Shell Petrol station. We observed the Government directives by ensuring a maximum of 3 individuals in a personal car geared with masks and sanitizer for the day. Additionally, we notified the area Deputy County Commissioner who gave a green light for distribution. In each home, Tabitha Nakholi and the team would not only hand over the sanitary kits but also do a demonstration on how to use and manage the pads hygienically. It truly was a learning moment for the rest of the team as well as the administrative officers of the homes and the girls.

By 12:00 pm, we completed all distribution empowering 77 girls with 77 reusable sanitary kits that will last them 3-5 years. World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020 theme is ‘Periods in Pandemic’. The idea behind choosing this theme is to highlight how the challenges faced by women during menstruation have worsened due to the ongoing pandemic. A huge thank you to Wezesha Binti, DTB Bank, and AASW Global (Affordable and Accessible Sanitation for women) for making this possible.

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