​This approach aims to support the young participants in developing personal and
professional skills and knowledge to successfully manage their independent life beyond the social care institution.​

The program combines extra-curricular clubs conducted by our volunteers with educational support for the students through providing tools for success.


This is geared towards providing disadvantaged students with the tools and environment necessary to obtain a wholesome education. We believe education is key towards a successful future and thus believe investing in providing students with the tools to be successful gives them a better chance at a better life for themselves and their families.


These extracurricular clubs are geared towards harnessing the inner potential within children and the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds by starting Business & Entrepreneurship, Creative Arts and Sports clubs within target schools. These clubs will be coordinated and ran by PAK volunteers who will also identify promising members to be nurtured further by pairing them with mentors who are in line with their talents or skills


The Somesha program is a platform to provide promising and gifted students from less fortunate backgrounds with a chance to further their studies. The program will help selected students who meet the criteria to apply and enroll in an institution of higher education and provide them with a full-scholarship for the 2-year or 4-year program. The program will also develop and maintain partnerships with educational institutions and other stakeholders to build the scholarship further.

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